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Have you ever felt an overwhelming sense of inadequacy or lack? Like you are still struggling to get out from underneath that massive pile of laundry you have procrastinated folding, meanwhile, others around you make it look like they have it all together? For years Becs Green struggled with these feelings, locked in a constant struggle between insecurity, comparison, and the purposes she knew God had called her to.


Many of us stand in front of our dream, purpose, calling, or even just our day, as we stand in front of that massive pile of laundry: feeling insignificant in comparison to the task at hand, thinking, where do I even start? These feelings so often prevent us from doing anything at all. We stagnate, too insecure or fearful to step into all that God has for us.

Through this book, Becs’ heart is to encourage people who think they can’t, and tell them that they can. A Thousand Times Enough is a personal journey with stories and lessons from Becs’ own life. It is real, honest, and vulnerable. Becs acknowledges that in your own strength, you won’t be enough, but by God’s grace and equipping you can find the confidence to step out of your inadequacies and into your God-given identity. The ultimate goal is that you would not just believe it, but that you would live it.

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